Top Notch Radiator Services! Republic Frame & Axle can pressure check your radiator to diagnose a problem.

Your vehicles coolant does not get used up during a car’s normal operation. If coolant levels are consistently low, your vehicle has a leak.

If you experience an overheat call REPUBLIC at 1-219-938-7040 and we can tow your vehicle to our facility for a check up or possible repairs to prevent further damage to your radiator or engine components.

Is your heater blowing cold air?? This can be caused by a problem with your heating or cooling systems, call the professionals at Republic Frame & Axle to ensure no further damage to your vehicle.


Republic Frame & Axle also sells and installs a complete line of new and used radiators or we can recore an existing one. We also can repair or replace many components of your vehicle’s heating and cooling system which includes air conditioning, heater cores, faulty thermostats and water pumps. In addition to new and used radiators, we are one of the few shops to repair radiators. We can accommodate passenger vehicles, medium duty to heavy duty trucks and even commercial equipment radiators.


Consult your professional Republic Frame & Axle staff with any questions regarding your radiator, heating or cooling system.