Republic Frame & Axle specializes in frame repair or replacement. Don’t think that your vehicle is a total loss after an accident! We can bring your vehicle back to life!

If you have a vehicle that has frame damage or if you’re not sure if it has frame damage, bring it to Republic Frame & Axle for an inspection or for our quality frame repair and custom alignments.

With our Chief E-Z Liner ™ Frame Machine and True Way ™ Measuring System, we are able to accurately straighten frames from compact cars to medium-duty trucks. Our systems ensure that frame and structural repairs are done to manufacturer’s specifications. If you think your vehicle frame is rusted beyond repair, think again! We can weld new metal into rotted frames or we can also fabricate completely new frame rails.

This vehicle had such extensive frame damage that our technicians had to install a new front frame section to restore the vehicle to pre-accident condition. As you can see, the end result is a testament to the ability of Republic Frame & Axle’s highly trained technicians.

Call Republic Frame & Axle to schedule your frame repair estimate!